Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Poor Girl's Shopping Spree

I found a new website that I absolutely love! I'm pretty terrible at picking out outfits. I tend to only look at sales racks, and when I buy clothes it's just one thing at a time. I never imagine the whole ensemble, so I mostly end up with jeans and t-shirts.

Well, I will still be wearing jeans and t-shirts, but in a fun imaginary land that is Polyvore you get to make whole outfits. They are all heinously expensive and probably would still be out of my budget even if I found cheap look-alike versions. But it's fun to put stuff together. It's almost like I'm getting an unlimited shopping spree. And it gives us outfit challenged girls a chance to feel fashionable. Here's my first creation!


Work by witskee1 featuring a silk blouse


  1. So what's that, like only $5,000? Not too bad...

  2. sooo cute. your blog is like the wardrobe 911 website - love it. you need to do some more.