Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Cookie Travesty

Long have nasty Girl Scouts held sway over the cookie lovers of our great country.  Accosting innocent victims and charging a heinous $3.50 per box to fund their nefarious deeds and buy badges for their sashes.

I did my time as a Junior in Girl Scouts, and even graduated to whatever the blue sash level is.   And it was pretty darn fun.   I learned how to crochet and take care of animals, and the troop took me on my first skiing trip.  And let me say, selling cookies was far more fun than selling calendars like we did one year.  So I am totally for supporting Girl Scouts!

As everyone with any taste knows, Samoas are the Queen of Girl Scout cookies.  I seem to end up losing cash to their siren call every year, and then suffering through the drought of cookies after....

Enter new Keebler Coconut Dream cookies.   Basically Samoas for half the price all year long.   Despite wanting to support girls and all that, how can you resist the deal AND the deliciousness?

So Ben and I did a side-by-side taste test this evening.

(Coconut Dream cookie on top, Samoa on bottom)
Our Results:
I was expecting a full-blown win from the Keebler Elves, but Ben and I both immediately agreed that the Samoas still had them beat.  The Samoas feature more chocolate (dark, which I totally approve of) and more caramel.   The Coconut Dream cookies had less chocolate and caramel, and about the same coconut.  The cookie insides were too dry and crumbly and left me wanting.

Winner:   Girl Scout Somoas  -  I guess we will be supporting those little gals, nefarious chicanery or no, a little longer.


  1. I did the same with Thin Mints and Grasshoppers---and Thin Mints won hands down! So I still stock up my freezer full each year!